Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Exercise #14 Library Thing

Library thing was cool to use. I found it very useful and I can add more books that I have read into my very own library online. The Library thing tour was great, very straight forward and easy to navigate.

Here is a link to my library website.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Exercise #13 Image generator

I had a bit of trouble working out how to copy this image to my blog and finally was able to figure it out after a few tries. I found the image generater really fun to use, there are lots of things to explore and to play. I enjoyed this exercise very much. I hope to do more exploring as there was so much to look and so little time to spare. I finally made it though. I found this image of the flowers and the text I've put in was very interesting and the flowers are lovely with bright colours.

Flower Text - ImageChef.com

Execise #12 Learning 2.0 SandBox wiki

This exercise took me a few days to know what I was doing. Luckily I had one of my colleagues guding me and reading the instructions out loud helped me to be able to do this exercise. After reading the instructions, it was just so easy to do!!

Now I will know exactly what to do next time, just need to read the instructions a few times before I can get it.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Exercise #11 Wiki

I found in Wiki that the Training and Development for Librarians: Training staff was interesting as we are always need to train new staff up so that we will have people to call on when the regular are on leave or when the weekend need extra to work in the library. The North Shore Libraries are providing this application already for new staff to be trained up as Librarians.

The self-promotion tips for new librarians was also very interesting to look at as that can expand people's self-confidence and public speaking without being shy.

For me I love Wiki as you can look up anything you like from celebrities to tv programs and other very useful information like libraries. Very interesting how there is a library in Wiki and amazing what you can find too!!.

Exercise #10 Web 2.0

It is interesting how Web 2.0 is the new technology for everyone in the world to use. The experience of it all have been overwhelming and there is just so much to look at and also finding the time to do the Web 2.0 amongst off desk tasks to do in the library. I am slowly getting there, I just need to speed up the process before the whole Web 2.0 finishes.

I can see why staff and customers are so into Web 2.0 as you can learn alot from the whole experience and I am glad that I went for the Web 2.0. Otherwise wouldn't have known there is so much more than just Google and Yahoo.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Technorati experience #9

My learning experience with Technorati was hard to navigate and didn't really see why it was so interesting. When typed in learning 2.0, I noticed that they have highlighted the keywords 2.0 and learning. I can say that I wasn't into this exercise as I was with the first 8 exercises. The results were similar when I typed in Learning 2.0 in the tags and blog directory and there wasn't anything surprising that I saw.

Del.icio.us #8

I can see why people are into the whole Del.icio.us book marking it does have some very interesting book marks and tags in them. When I was looking through the book marks I was taken aback of how much information that we can go through at such a short time. I enjoyed looking at the photography book mark as there is so much history in those photos that changed the whole world. There is always a story behind the photos that makes them surreal to look at. There so many more that I want to look at and time is running out to scroll through every single one!!