Sunday, October 12, 2008

Exercise #23: Finally made it to the lucky last

I have finally made it to the last exercise. The journey have been long and very rewarding. The most enjoyable exercises were: Social networking and Flickr. The other exercises were alright, but they were also hard to navigate too. Flickr I will definitely use more in the future.

All these exercises that I've been to during this journey has opened a lot of doors for me, as technology is always different, I try to upgrade myself on what's happening in the technology world. Especially working in the library, I will want to know what patrons are talking about when they chat to us about the technology they use at home or at work and what is out there. Web 2.0 have been a really wonderful experience for and I have learnt a lot from it. This journey has been great with so many of our other colleagues participating into the exercises and an experience to work together as a team and learn from each other. Way to go North Shore Libraries!!

Exercise #22: My thoughts on social networking

My thoughts on the libraries use of social networking is actually a great idea as you can organise events with colleagues or put in events on a Myspace or Bebo site. In facebook we have put a North Shore Libraries group on it so that we can invite more of our fellow colleagues in to share our knowledge, experiences and to have a good catch up after a hard day's work. I definitely recommend more staff from the other North Shore Libraries to join facebook and be invited to our NSLs group where you can socialise with the other libraries and to have a good chat.

Exercise #21: Social networking with facebook

I am a member of facebook, I am loving and also be very addictive once I go on as there are so many applications that I go onto. Facebook is good to look for lost friends that you haven't seen for a long time, photos you can share and also know what they are upto every week as there is a status that you type in on what you are doing now. I use to have a Bebo account, but I have now cancelled it as I didn't use that account as much as I use facebook.

Been to the other sites like the Rotorua and Central Libraries where they have Bebo in it. Our North Shore Libraries should have a site like that too so that our patrons will know whats happening. Especially when we have events or our system is going down or that we are upgrading our system.

Friday, October 10, 2008


The experience on Ebooks was excellent there a lot of varieties of formats to choose from. Easy to navigate and I can see our libraries will be using it in the future. Interesting things like the copyright law, that they out of print classics that you can look for on ebooks and how all the formats worked.


Finally added a RSS feed from the Podcast. I didn't enjoy this exercise as it was very hard to navigate and don't see myself using it in the future.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Exercise #18 YouTube

I am a YouTube fan, I love going onto YouTube to look at all sorts of things from very old tv series, music videos, dancing with the stars and everything that I can think of to watch. I saw a few library videos that I found really cheesy and there was one called the Library dominoes which I found really fun to look at. Instead of using the dominoes, they used the library books as dominoes. Unfortunately I don't know how to add the YouTube video to my blog.

I enjoyed this exercise very much. Way to go YouTube!!

Exercise #17 Web 2.0 Award List

I had a look at the Web 2.0 award list, there was a lot to look at and very colourful too. The websites I had browse around in was wetpaint from Host wiki. This website was very interesting to look, had a lot green and other bright colors in it. I also had a look in the Google blog search which is excellent as I can search a lot of different information in this website. Examples of information I can look for in Google is travelling, entertainment, health, libraries from other countries and school websites. As Google is already widely used we are already using this application a lot now in the libraries.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Exercise #16 Zoho Writer

I have joined to the Zoho writers account, at first it was a very bumpy start as the computer was very slow this morning and this exercise took a while to load and open. After giving Zodo a rest, I came back on this afternoon to work on creating some test documents. If I had more time I will explore on this exercise.

Here are my two tests of creating a Zoho writer:

Zoho writer test 1

Test 2

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Exercise #15 Rollyo

Rollyo took me a while to navigate and there were a lot of things to look at. This exercise was fun to explore and also to create a celebrity website to search for and once you get the hang of how to navigate it is actually simple to use.

I found this exercise a little easier than Delicious. Even though I had a little bit of trouble at the beginning but that is the learning part of this exercise. I can see why other people will be interested to take this Rollyo a step further.

Here is the website URL to go into my created Rollyo: