Thursday, August 28, 2008

RSS Feeds Discovery # 7

I have created an account for and I find that some of the feeds are interesting. I can look up what ever topics I am interest in. But I wouldn't use RSS personally as I can just type in any website about various topics from entertainment to beauty on Yahoo or Google and it bring up different websites for me to look at.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Keeping in touch with friends on Facebook

I love going onto Facebook as I can invite friends to join, download recent photos, post comments and also send personal messages to specific friends that are not suitable to put on the public wall post. There are lots of applications that you can add in, when friends invite you to add this and that. At the moment North Shore Libraries is on facebook and it is in a group page and only staff that works in the North Shore Libraries can access the group page and also past staff members too. Facebook can really addictive once you go on as there so many things that you can look at. Friends' profiles, photos, comments and wall posts. Very easy to navigate too.

Experiencing mosaic with Flickr

Mosaic collage of evening scenery from the buildings in different countries. Lovely colours and the view of the buildings in the evenings I am intrigued and can be miles away wishing that I was there. Thank you to the photographer David Gutierre for putting such a creative mosaic.

Flickr is just a great, I can look for anything I like from tulips to mosaics and many other things. I really enjoyed the experience since I know what I need to do on uploading and posting etc.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Orange tulip experience

I am really into tulips and since the last photo that I uploaded was from my personal computer and is a painted one, I looked for a real tulip instead and upload it from Flickr, they have really lovely tulips in there. This time around was very easy to navigate as I am starting to know my way round now and the steps I have missed. First I save this photo to my file under H:drive, then I went to upload photos and videos and clicked onto Choose photos, a popup with a list of staff names, I clicked onto my name on which I saved the photo on and just opened the file and uploaded the tulip to the Flickr account and blogged it to my account from Flickr.

I will like to thank the photographer Elvy for this lovely photo of the tulip.

Orange tulip

Orange tulip, originally uploaded by JC the Party Planner.

A painting of an orange tulip. I will like to thank Anna my sister for letting me upload this painting in my. I had real difficulty on what to do but I've finally have slowly worked my way through this whole Flickr exercise.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Flickr experience

I went onto the Flickr Learn more tour and that was very interesting as it gave me six steps to follow. At the beginning I had trouble uploading my own photo to Flickr because I had missed a step and I couldn't work out which step was missing. After a few minutes, I went to ask one of my workmates and she helped me out and both of us retraced the steps I had missed. The Flickr took me a while to work my way through but I got there in the end. This is my second attempt to use Flickr to upload this photo to my Flickr account saving it on the computer and then uploading it to my blog account. It took me a while to get there.....but I think I sort of slowly getting there.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Long time no see


I have been very slack on my blog lately and sorry that I haven't written in it for so long. I am a little behind on the Web 2.0 and gradually picking up the pace this week with the Flickr and adding just one photo in my blog. There will be more to come soon.

Apart from juggling with my studying, I have started going to ballroom dancing lessons with my friends on Wednesday nights in Albany. The studio is call U2CanDance, there are two nights that you can attend to Wednesday and Friday nights. I tend to go on Wednesday nights with my friends, as Friday nights I am mostly out in the cinemas watching movies with my other friends.

I will try to update my blog more often. Have a great weekend everyone and take care!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Manly beach

Manly beach, originally uploaded by JC the Party Planner.

This photo was taken in Manly beach, Sydney when I was visiting friends earlier in the year. That day I was at Manly Beach, there was a swimming competition going. The sand castle behind me was the largest I've seen so far.